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This pandemic won't end for anyone, until we end it for everyone.

Donate a vaccine and you'll be helping someone who can't afford one, through no fault of their own. And you'll also be helping yourself.

Because life won't get back to normal for any of us, until all of us have been vaccinated.

If we don't act now, new mutations will continue to emerge, and we will keep getting infected.

We are on a mission. GOT1GIVE1 and our partner organisations won't stop until every single person who needs a COVID vaccine gets one.

This is your opportunity to help bring this pandemic to an end.

Challenge and solution:

Matterdam were approached by award-winning creative director Orlando Warner to design a brand campaign that is strikingly against the grain in traditional charity media, to encourage populations to help bring this pandemic to an end.

  • We created a living logo. As we get close to our vaccination target, the spikes of our COVID particle reduce in size as the globe gets larger and the syringe fills in colour.

  • Our headline typeface was created by EuropaType, derived from inoculation ticket numbers (pre-COVID) at the University of Zurich. We continued this theme in our headline structure.

  • The use of black, white and pink avoids clichés of design styles in medical and charity sectors.

The end result is a brand campaign that feels less like charity, and more like a #CallToArms.


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