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Whisky Tasting Charts For The Whisky Pilgrim.

Angel Share Artworks is reinventing the whisky flavour chart, using graphics to explore the incredible stories and themes that have shaped whisky.

Angel Share Artworks exists to make whisky more accessible and to promote appreciation – turning enthusiasts into connoisseurs.

Challenge and solution:

How do you improve the whisky tasting experience at home?

Matterdam looked to solve this by creating a whisky flavour chart that incorporates tasting note imagery and a colour assessment chart.

The use of visual imagery to identify taste is a scientifically proven method of stimulating flavour recall. Customers train their senses in 3 simple steps to gain a better understanding of their palate.

Matterdam created the Beyond The Keyhole Sensory System. A visual system in which we can design an infinite number of graphic themes – allowing us to appeal to a wider customer base – while retaining the interactivity of the whisky tasting chart.

What is the meaning of the name?

The “Angels’ Share” is an affectionate term used in whisky production, referring to the volume of whisky lost to evaporation during the critical ageing process. It is thought that the mysterious volume of whisky is so divine, it is taken to be enjoyed by angels. Angel Share Artworks is here to unravel the mystery of whisky, note by note, dram after dram.


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